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Several students continue working at Bags and earning high marks for their work ethic and desire to learn.

622Erick Garcia, a WAA senior, began working at Bags this fall in the airport, moving luggage from one belt to another, loading cars and tagging the luggage so it arrives at the right destination. It’s hard work, but the senior enjoys it.

“I like helping people,” Garcia said. “I try to learn something new each day and I enjoy staying busy. There is always something to do.”

After graduation, Garcia plans a career in the culinary arts.

Senior Raymond Martinez is on a fast-track program at Bags to advance to a leadership position. He has begun helping with the training of new employees.

646Senior Elix Villanueva’s supervisor describes him as a “superstar,” always wanting to learn. He has worked in various positions at Bags, including shepherding luggage off cruise ships at Cape Canaveral and ensuring they are properly tagged and arrive safely at Orlando International Airport to valet parking cars at a Disney resort.

“I like the people and have great bosses,” said Villanueva, who plans to study political science, journalism and education at Valencia College and the University of Central Florida.