What are the hours of Workforce Advantage Academy?
Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
What is the dress code?
Students wear business casual attire: a polo, supplied by the school, and a pair of slacks. They dress appropriately for going on a job interview.
What is the typical Workforce Academy student?
We have a wide variety of students participating in our program. The majority of our students are average students who are not planning to attend a four-year university or job the military immediately following graduation. All of our students are interested in gaining work experience and growing with a company as they complete their high school education. We provide our students with uniforms—casual business attire—so they appear professional and presentable to clients and other employees.
How are students placed in jobs?
Before students are placed they participate in skills and interest assessments. Academy staff and counselors then match students’ interest and skills with employers’ needs as closely as possible. When necessary, employers may participate in an on campus interview session where they can meet and request students.
What if there are problems with the student’s performance?
The ultimate goal of our program is to prepare students for full-time employment upon graduation by teaching them effective employee qualities. If there are questions or dissatisfaction with student’s performance the academy staff is a phone call away from being on the job within the hour. Together the employee, academy staff and the student will assess the situation and pursue the necessary course of action. We encourage employers to handle student situations as they would with any other employee while maintaining communication with academy staff. As a last result, if it is deemed necessary by all involved, we will remove the student from the placement.
Why should my business participate in this program?
Many business professionals complain that today’s young people often do not have the skills or work habits that make them good employees. This is an opportunity to change that situation while benefiting from closely monitored employees to ensure satisfaction of all involved. Furthermore, you have the chance to mold new employees to fit your business needs while they grow with your company and you build your business from within. Perhaps most importantly, as business leaders and employers in the community you have an opportunity to support local schools with a positive and lasting effect.

Student holistic development

Our students develop the academic, employment and social skills that they need to build rewarding lives and promote positive change in their communities.

Dedicated team of education professionals

Workforce Advantage Academy is operated by a dedicated team of education professionals, with no ties to a management company.

Experiential learning opportunities

Experiential learning opportunities allow students to achieve academic excellence, employment success and social responsibility.

Provides students with work experience

Workforce Advantage Academy provides students with work experience while remaining in school and learning more about business and careers.

Workforce Advantage Academy Charter School, an Orange County Public High School, offers juniors and seniors the opportunity to earn while they learn. Students spend half their time in a paid job, gaining valuable work experience while earning school credit as an elective for the internship.

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