The Workforce Story

“Someone’s life just changed, and they don’t even know it yet,” says Ken Hartsaw Jr., founder and chief executive officer of Workforce Advantage Academy. This statement normally means that another student at Workforce Advantage Academy (WAA) has been offered a job that can have a positive life-changing implication. Hartsaw can be heard making this proclamation to many students during the year at Workforce Advantage Academy.
His vision for the academy is to help students graduate from high school with an education and an understanding of the skill sets required to be successful in their personal, professional and social lives.
Some of these students may lose their way academically, socially and/or financially in larger high schools. He has invested many hours developing and cultivating relationships with business partners and leaders in the local and state education community to make high school graduation and gainful employment a reality. WAA, a school of choice, is a unique personalized learning community that creates opportunities for significant life changing activates.

Job coordinators and the transition class instructor teach business classes and help students develop the interviewing techniques, resume writing and employability skills needed to land a job and become an effective employee once hired. The program requires a strong employee base of business partners who provide the jobs and coach the students. Job coordinators work with the business to match students with the skills and interest to succeed on available jobs.

Student holistic development

Our students develop the academic, employment and social skills that they need to build rewarding lives and promote positive change in their communities.

Experiential learning opportunities

Experiential learning opportunities allow students to achieve academic excellence, employment success and social responsibility.

Dedicated team of education professionals

Workforce Advantage Academy is operated by a dedicated team of education professionals, with no ties to a management company.

Provides students with work experience

Workforce Advantage Academy provides students with work experience while remaining in school and learning more about business and careers.

Workforce Advantage Academy Charter School, an Orange County Public High School, offers juniors and seniors the opportunity to earn while they learn. Students spend half their time in a paid job, gaining valuable work experience while earning school credit as an elective for the internship.

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Our mission at Workforce Advantage Academy Inc. is to create learning environments for high school students, particularly those rising juniors and seniors who desire a different approach to reach their potential. Through attendance at Workforce Academy, our students develop the academic, employment and social skills that they need to build rewarding lives and promote positive change in their communities.