Parents: Testimonials

Mr. Merrell / Staff at Workforce Academy

I want to thank the whole staff at workforce Academy for helping my daughter get over that struggling point to where she can actually graduate with a high GPA.

When she first arrived to workforce, we were uncertain if she was going to be able to graduate. Her grades & GPA were so low. Her self-esteem was very low as well. She had lost the passion for any goals of graduation or work and was very depressed.

The guidance, knowledge, patience & accountability of your staff / teachers helped her not only to get her grades/GPA up so now she can graduate with flying colors. She also applied at Valencia college & was accepted & she’s working full time.

Your teachers especially Rachi favorites (Mrs. Irick, Mrs. Farfan and Mr.Blackall) gave my daughter her confidence & passion back!!

I will be forever grateful to the team at Workforce for changing my daughter’s mindset & spirit, which in return changed her brother’s outlook as well.

Tali Brockman
Licensed Agent