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Workforce Advantage Academy students spent spring break visiting the Intrepid, the United Nations, Ground Zero and West Point. They raved about the sites and the food they sampled at a variety of Big Apple restaurants. “Everything was perfect,” said Quran Jenkins. “It was the best trip ever, the best time in my life.” “We were able to see the whole city, and it was beautiful,” added Mirandashea Salon, who said she wished they could have stayed longer and adding, “Times Square was beautiful and bright and not what I expected.” Julio Ramos added that he liked everything, including the opportunity to explore Chinatown. While at that end of town, the group stopped by Ground Zero and looked at the fountains. “The 9-11 site was sad but so nice,” said Samantha James. Damon Welch agreed it was a wonderful trip and especially enjoyed the Broadway show Stomp, as did Carissa Collins, who also remarked about the infrastructure changes at West Point to accommodate women on campus. “Ms. Jones, Mr. Merrell and Mr. Hartsaw, thank you,” Welch said. The other students echoed that sentiment, expressing their gratitude to the people and donors that made the trip possible.