Job Opportunities

If you have a job opening, let Workforce Advantage Academy fill that position with a capable student eager to learn and succeed in the position. Students work part time and receive no benefits. Two students can job share a full-time opening.

Employers play a key role in Workforce Advantage Academy’s success. By supporting this innovative approach to education, employers provide students with job skills and work experience while gaining a capable staff member.

Workforce Advantage Academy aims to match students’ interests and competencies with the businesses’ needs. Our business development officers monitor student work performance and resolve any work-related issues. We seek mutually beneficial solutions.

Job Opportunities

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Jharisha Blackman

A 2007 graduate, Jharisha Blackman has completed her political science degree at Florida State University in Tallahassee and has been...

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer

They are doing a marvelous job of uplifting students who haven’t been successful in their academic careers and pointing them...

Rick Roach – former school board member

I worked with Workforce Advantage Academy CEO Ken Hartsaw to obtain approval for the school 10 years ago and am...

Army Brigadier Gen. Henry L. Huntley

Workforce Academy offers advantages to students and staff members advocate for the young people attending the school. “You are a...

Eric Smith

Former Florida Commissioner of Education Eric Smith: “Connecting the class work to them and their lives and making it meaningful....

John Winn

Former Florida Commissioner of Education Mr. John Winn “we need to find ways to not only make their learning environment...

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Our mission at Workforce Advantage Academy Inc. is to create learning environments for high school students, particularly those rising juniors and seniors who desire a different approach to reach their potential. Through attendance at Workforce Academy, our students develop the academic, employment and social skills that they need to build rewarding lives and promote positive change in their communities.