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A Few Current Workforce Employers


Workforce Advantage Academy Employers

The Workforce Advantage Academy Employers represent a broad range of potential employment opportunities for Academy students. The following previous and current employers have positions that reflect a diverse array of skilled career paths. WAA Employers readily embrace the Academy concept, showing a true desire by the business community to support this innovative approach to education, training and jobs.

Specialty Industries

  • Orange County Public Library
  • ABC Fine Wine and Spirits
  • Orlando science center
  • PDQ Printing Services
  • Bags, Inc.
  • Remax towncenter
  • Xerographic
  • ASG Reprographics
  • Staples


  • Comp USA
  • ESQ Computer Solutions
  • DEI Services Corporation
  • Direct Wireless
  • Repair Resources


  • Publix
  • Winn-Dixie
  • Walmart
  • Marshalls
  • Walgreens
  • Starbucks
  • Kool treats
  • McDonald’s


  • Goodyear Tires
  • Flying windows tinters

Veterinarian Services

  • Kirkpatrick animal hospital


  • Dew Glass
  • Lockheed Martin
  • ADP Surfaces


  • Universal Orlando
  • Country Club of Orlando
  • Disney World
  • SeaWorld
  • Wet ‘n Wild
  • Coco Key
  • Fun Spot
  • Whirley Dome


  • Mercantile Bank
  • C. Florida Postal Credit Union


  • Miller Sellen Conner & Walsh
  • Welbro


  • Debeaubien, Knight Simmons, Martizaris & Neal LLP
  • Public Defender, ninth judicial circuit
  • Hayes & Laurent, P.A
  • Dean Mead, Egerton, Et. Al
  • U.S Customs


  • Fry Hammond Barr Advertising
  • Cinemark USA Inc./Regal
  • Gotcha Media
  • Appleton Creative

Workforce Partners

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Army Brigadier Gen. Henry L. Huntley

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Eric Smith

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John Winn

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Our mission at Workforce Advantage Academy Inc. is to create learning environments for high school students, particularly those rising juniors and seniors who desire a different approach to reach their potential. Through attendance at Workforce Academy, our students develop the academic, employment and social skills that they need to build rewarding lives and promote positive change in their communities.